Collaborative Cytometry Data Centre

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CytoCentral is a secure online solution for your Data and Workflow Management.

With our simple to use software, you can ensure the right work is being completed, at the right time, with the right people involved – wherever your teams are working.

Why Use The Collaborative Cytometry Data Centre?

  • Safely and securely store your data and documentation under version control
  • Easy yet powerful permission settings ensure your team only sees the content relevant to them
Real Time Updating Means You Get All The Information You Need Instantly

Instant updates make tracking deadlines a breeze. Whether viewing from a computer, tablet or phone, see at a glance if anything is overdue and in a couple of clicks find out why. Feedback to your team straight away so issues are dealt with fast.

  • The Dashboard feature allows you to monitor multiple tasks and deadlines at a glance.
  • Receive notifications for upcoming deadlines or outstanding work, minimising hold ups in workflows.
CytoCentral brings together diverse information into a single auditable platform

With worldwide availability, you can share files within a team environment or use password verified invitations to bring in outside expertise for difficult cases, projects or case studies. Ideal for focus groups, multidisciplinary team meetings or external consultation.

  • Assign tasks to individuals or groups for easy collaboration anytime, anywhere.
  • Enable the right people – get the best decisions.
CytoCentral Provides a Solution For Your Quality Management

Organise your samples in to folders so they are easy to find and manage. CytoCentral uses version control for documents and you can also retire a processes instantly so you feel confident your team are always following the most up to date procedures.

  • Audit every interaction so you can trace and track relevant details.
  • Restore deleted data instantly should you change your mind.
Update And Create Procedures Quickly and Painlessly

You know best – Design and share your own workflows using familiar workflow diagram software to create templates for your processes – or use one of our ready made examples. Once set up, you can be confident that staff are only involved with the parts of your processes you choose, reducing training needs and saving time.

  • Simplify task management in a single local project or across multiple concurrent projects.
  • Visually track the progress of every task while auditing each and every action.
CytoCentral Connects to CytoBee software

CytoBee is our local file management software which allows the user tagged files for easy selection and sorting of your data. CytoCentral connects to CytoBee enabling the user to upload tagged FCS files for use in workflows or for storage.

  • agged files can be uploaded and placed into the workflow of choice for further processing.
  • Multiple instances of CytoBee can connect to the CytoCentral platform, ideal for busy sites with multiple flow cytometers or collaborative multi site studies.

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