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Our team have been creating software solutions which help businesses work to a high standard in the well-regulated healthcare sector for over 15 years. Through this development, we saw an opportunity to support scientists and laboratory technicians with software that allows them to streamline laboratory processes, which is easy to set up and maintain, whatever the application. Through collaborating with cytometry experts, we have produced CytoCentral and are excited to start helping scientists and researchers achieve their process goals. We are very happy to announce that we are now looking for mentors with a similar vision to join our flagship mentoring programme.

What are the aims of the mentor programme?

Our objective is to connect scientists who are looking to share flow cytometry knowledge and expertise with peers around the world. We want to build a community of experienced scientific professionals from a variety of sectors and disciplines. We believe in sharing best practices, making raising standards an achievable goal for laboratories of any size.


Why should I become a mentor?

Becoming a mentor is a great opportunity to grow your reputation and network. You will have access to a global scientific community, along with peer support and knowledge, professional development, and opportunities within the flow cytometry field. You will also have free access to CytoCentral and could be asked to work with us towards its development.


What are a mentor’s obligations?

We expect all our mentors to provide at least one contribution to an article per quarter, being welcome to produce more should they wish. Mentor’s should also respond to enquiries from other users within 5 days in at least 80 percent of cases. Mentor’s should moderate their own articles and comments and adhere to our moderation guidelines.


How do I become a mentor?

Mentors are appointed by invitation from an established mentor or by a member of our Admin team. If you are interested in becoming a mentor, contact us here.


What are the costs associated with the mentor programme?

There are no direct costs, this is a free service for Mentors.

How does CytoCentral software support our mentor programme?

CytoCentral provide a space in which scientists can share methodologies, a place for questions to be asked and answered publicly or privately, where flow cytometry expertise can be passed to other flow cytometrists. You can find out more about CytoCentral’s features here.


What can mentors offer you?

We are still currently establishing our mentorship programme, so watch this space if you are a scientist looking to connect with a mentor. Once established, our mentors will be able to offer you  an array of knowledge and experience within the flow cytometry field. This could include recommendations and advice for methodologies and practices. If you would like to know more about CytoCentral contact us here.


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